We are excited to announce TriplePlay is joining Roblox!

We started TriplePlay to address the new realities of remote and hybrid work – and offer teams a way to build camaraderie and connection when they are not together, in person. We realized that employees are more engaged, and work is more rewarding and fun when people have deeper relationships with their colleagues. But, very few products existed to help coworkers build community and develop friendships. So, we built Tripleplay, a series of ongoing virtual games, aimed at bringing teams, departments and geographies closer together.

Roblox’s vision is to reimagine the way people come together to connect, create and express themselves through immersive, interactive shared experiences. We share this vision. At Roblox, our team will help deliver an incredible immersive experience to Roblox’s 58 million plus daily active users on an expanding variety of platforms and operating systems. It has been an exciting journey at TriplePlay and we want to thank all of our friends, family, supporters, partners, and users. We hope you have built lasting friendships. We will be shutting off user access to TriplePlay September 30, 2022. All user data connected with your TriplePlay account will be deleted.

“Mark’s team reimagined the employee experience from the ground up and quickly became the go-to platform for building community across remote companies. We are thrilled to see TriplePlay joining the Roblox family and excited for the future."
- Milad Alucozai of BoxOne Ventures, TriplePlay Investor