Virtual Office Olympic Ideas for your Team in 2022

May 2nd, 2022Remote Work

Play at work is more important than you think. In fact, it's proven that teams who play together, stay together. Harvard Business School explains that group bonding activities done regularly as rituals lead to 16% increase in how meaningful employees judge their work to be.

In a remote setting, organizations have had to adapt the way they make fun happen. No longer can rolly office chair races across the hallways cut it... you simply can't do that on Zoom.

Virtual Office Olympics is the perfect way to get your team excited about coming together and having fun. Coming up with virtual office Olympic ideas can be the hard part of making this type of event happen, so we put together a list of the best office Olympic ideas to play with your remote team.

8 of the Best Virtual Office Olympic Game Ideas for 2022

You know you want to host an office Olympic event but are not sure how to pull it off? We've got you covered with the top 10 ideas for virtual office Olympics in 2022.

Penguin Launch

Penguin Launch is one of the funniest virtual office Olympic game ideas in 2022. Players launch their penguins at other penguins, with hopes of launching them off of the ice.

This game has a 5 second learning curve, so it'll have your entire team having fun as soon as you start the game.  Penguin launch is one of TriplePlay's most popular team-building games.


Wordle is an insanely fun word guessing game, where players get only six chances to guess a five-letter word that the Wordle team released every 24 hours.

Simply head over to the New York Times website and open up world with your team to start guessing what today's word might be!


CodeWords is the classic word association game that most people have played in person before. Groups will automatically be divided into two teams, each with their own spymaster. The spymaster gives one world clues to their teams to have them guess which 2+ cards they are referring to on the board.

If you're looking to play CodeWords with your team online, TriplePlay's platform supports 10-300 people playing at once (which is perfect for office-wide virtual fun)

Minute to Win It (with household items)

This one requires a bit of prep for your employees, but can be insanely fun and engaging. How it works? Pick 5 physical challenges to do with household items that everyone in your office will have.

An example of a Minute To Win it game that anyone can play is the 'Face The Cookie' challenge, where guests have to see who can be the first to move a cookie placed on their eye, all the way to their mouths to eat! More Minute to Win it ideas can be found here.  


Werewolf is a game where no one can be trusted... Players will have to see who has the best bluff face, as they try to figure out which one of them has been assigned as the Werewolf.

TriplePlay's Werewolf game assigns everyone to villager or werewolf automatically, meaning as a host you can actually participate and have fun in this virtual office Olympic game idea!

Human Bingo

Everyone loves bingo... so everyone loves human bingo. Ahead of the event, pull out some fun facts from your employees that you can add to a bingo card, which guests will then have to search for people who check off.

Some examples of facts you could include in your human bingo card are:

  1. Someone who has a dog
  2. Someone who speaks 4 languages
  3. Someone who spins    

Pub Trivia

Pub Trivia is a fan favorite that will get your team's competitive side going. Either pre-set teams or have teams automatically formed in a virtual trivia platform, like TriplePlay, and get started with your trivia questions.

There are tons of trivia categories to pick from like General Knowledge, Music, TV & Film, Nature & Science... so take a poll of the group to see what your employees might like to do.

Extreme Rock Paper Scissors Bracket

You'd be surprised at how competitive people get over... Rock... Paper... Scissors This game is hilariously easy and fun, and gets people insanely competitive. Create a bracket for everyone playing in the virtual office Olympic event, with the winners of each round playing each other.

Looking for a complete virtual office Olympics program where you only have to press start? Learn more about TriplePlay's Office Cup which is the ultimate virtual office Olympic program.